Story of Sang Kancil and The Cockroach

One day Sang Kancil met a cockroach named Coro who complain about being hunted by Mr. Farmer in his farmhouse. As he sobbed, Coro said  that he ordered by his friends walked away into the forest solely to ask for advice from Sang Kancil who infamous of his wisdom.

"Hiks ... hiks Sang Kancil ....please help us!. Almost everiday we've been hunted by Mr. Farmer and his family in the kitchen, the sink and the dining room. Whereas we're just looking for food in there and not disturb them at all". Sang Kancil smiling and answer Coro’s questions with a short sentence.

"Come into forest’s library. Please read the books about the food of cockroaches, and the description of farmhouse. After finished those books, please you come back to me".

For one week Coro stay in library to read the books about the life of cockroaches and the description of farmhouse. He works hard to understand the books. He record the important points of the books in a note. Fortunately he ‘ve taught by Sang Kancil on how to read and understand a book quickly. A week later he returned to Sang Kancil’s home.

"Oh Sang Kancil. I have read all the books about the cockroaches and the farmer's house. But I think no use for me. I don’t understand how the books could solveour problem as a herd of cockroaches who chased by the farmer". Sang Kancil answered patiently to Coro.

"Do you know what are the cockroaches like to eat?"

"Cockroaches food are similar to human and pet. But so far I'm quite satisfied with the remaining of food in the dining room, kitchen and the sink"

"Where is another place of food in the farm?". Coro keep silent while flipping through his notes.

"Hmmmm .... according to the book of the peasant's house, they have a trash hut for dumping the remaining of food. That could be a source of food for me "

"Do you know, why the farmer chasing you?"

"According to the books, cockroaches are considered as the site of bacteria that may harm humans health. So Mr. Farmer afraid these bacteria which attached on the surface of my body would move anywherein his home and make his family sick "

"Well that's the answer. Go home and think. You must know your problem solving "

Coro return home with hesitantly. He was ashamed to ask Sang Kancil about the exact answer for his problem, because he was considered has abililty to find his own answers. As he walked home, Coro thinking hard, trying to link the question of Sang Kancil with a recipe for not being chased by a farmer. Finally he found the answer.

Coro jumping up and down for joy upon finding that answer. It is hardly wait to meet his friends.

"Ayeeeeiiii! I know the problem solving!!. We had to move from the kitchen and dining room to the dumpster which is far in the garden. Mr. Farmer has a hut with no walls to collect organic trash for composting there. The place was warm enough for the cockroaches who loves a warm place. We have to move to there!. At least we rarely hunted by Mr. Farmer’s family" shouted cockroach to his friends when he was close to the home.

That's Sang Kancil does not directly give an answer to the problem of the cockroach because he believes The Cockroach is intelligent enough to find his own answers (Undil - 2011)

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