Kancil Stories in English: Kancil Stole The Cucumbers

Mr. Peasant upset since his cucumbers frequently stolen by an unidentified animal of the forest. He have put a scarecrow (a wooden statue that was given clothes and shirts to resemble real people) in the rice fields to scare him.  Unfortunately the thief not scared. Therefore Mr. Peasant intends to do a little innovation. Apparently the thief had know that the scarecrow was just a mere statue, so he is not afraid anymore. Even the thief had dared to mock the scarecrow.

Mr. Peasant then try another way. By borrowing techniques to capture a bird with jackfruit sap (jackfruit tree sap is very sticky) - Mr. Peasant smearing the scarecrow with the sticky sap, hoping the animal will be attached to the scarecrow.

Luckily for Mr. Peasant and really unfortunate fate of the animal that end up really stuck on the statue. At first the animal, which apparently is Sang Kancil  aka Mouse Deer just mock  the effigy with the words. Followed by stuck out his tongue. Then he put his index fingers on the riht and left side of his head and ended by kicking the scarecrow using his little legs.

"Gubraaak!" His feet were attached to the sap that covered on the feet of the effigy. Sang Kancil tried to butting the scarecrow with his head, but his head then sticking on. His conditions are even worse after Sang Kancil hit the scarecrow with his tail. The body of Sang Kancil completely attached on the scarecrow.

Mr. Peasant who came home from collecting firewood in the forest whistling merrily when he saw the thief catched in his field.

"Tralala Trilili, Cihuiiii!" shouted Mr. Peasant while imagining his cucumbers will not be stolen again by the animal and his dinner will be accompanied by a pepper seasoning mouse deer satay. "So crunchy, The mouse deer satay is very delicious!” He exclaimed with excitement like the sun smiled especially for him.

The poor Kancil is tied up and locked in cock’s cages, while waiting for his life ended in the burning of satay. But the act of Shepherd Dog of the peasant have save Sang Kancil. The Dog jealous when Sang Kancil boasted that he was waiting for a tailor came to measure clothes for him, and Mr. Farmer was looking for delicious food served in the forest for him.

The Dog who want the fake clothes and the fake food is willing to swap places with Sang Kancil. He was tied up and placed in confinement chicken, while Sang Kancil went out from the cages.


Mr. Peasant was angry after learning that Sang Kancil  released. He called The Dog as a stupid and greedy creature! The gullible creature who easy tricked by  their enemy. The poor Dog is accused as a person who unable to think clearly and failed in assessing the facts. He should know that Mr. Peasant has been setting a trap for Sang Kancil since a few months ago.

The Shepherd Dog who thinks he is very competent in matters of herding goats, do not accept the words of Mr. Peasant . He mentioned that Mr. Farmer as a leader who is not communicative. The Leader who do not work professionally. 

He accused Mr. Peasant is carelessly! Judging The Shepherd Dog on the field that was not his responsibility!. Mr. Peasant is selfish. Thinking of just his self-interest. He never want to develop his men! He just wanted to gain the yields from the farm and ranch without his ever willing to train his men, share information.....blah! blah!

"I was busy herding goats everyday. How could I know if Sang Kancil being hunted?. Mr. Peasant never had communicate the work to catch Sang Kancil! He never share the information!

Then The Shepherd Dog is also defending him self when he is alleged that he was greedy for wanting clothes and food intended for others.

"I had bad experience about the vagueness rules that made by Mr. Peasant. For example in last week, The Horse tied on the tree in front of the peasant house, then he was taken to the city and comeback with a new shoes and a new saddle. The Cow moored in the same tree last month, and in the afternoon he was wearing a new bell. The Cat locked up in cages of chicken yesterday, then in the afternoon she was wearing a gold necklace.

I'm always left with no explanation for all the cases. Why they got the gifts while I was left alone to work hard without ever noticed! Do not blame me if I felt unfairly treated!

^ _ ^

Mr. Peasant was silent to hear the words of The Shepherd Dog. He was embarrassed because he has been rebutted by his own men in front of dozens of other farmers. But he could not do anything because everything said by The Shepherd Dog merely true. Mr.Peasant did not want to ruin his reputation as a strong candidate for village chief to punish The Shepherd Dog. His prospective voters can be going to other candidates for fear of what happened to The poor Dog will be happened to them.

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