Don't Just Clever, It’s Not Enough

Dian and Doni had just graduated from university. Dian took the study of bacteria, while Doni the fungi. Both are willing to work hard and be ready to stay for months in the microbiology laboratory for completed the research.

They are smart students, but Dian’s academic achievement is much prominent than Doni. Dian is a student with a very brilliant academic achievement, and additionally her non-academic achievements are no less convincing.

Cum laude predicate and a wad of certificates of her non-academic achievement make almost all their friends be sure that Dian will steadily moving toward the professional work faster than Doni who his achievement was not so prominent.

However the reality is different with their friends prediction. Just less than a month Doni be accepted to work at a factory of papers. Doni also gets offering of jobs from several companies. Otherwise Dian have need of one year in waiting before gets a job in a little bank. She don’t get any offering of jobs from another companies.


Dian is realy more clever than Doni, but Dian didn't have the skill which possessed by her friend. Doni has the skill to utilizing his knowledge of microbiology. Dian just a clever student, however she don’t know how to take advantage of her exceptional academic ability

Like a sprinter, Dian only able to win a championship which held in a special stadium for the runner. But if she has to compete the championship of run in the wild, Dian will be lose. Despite her run very fast, Dian only know the way of run on the highway.

There is absolutely unthinkable for her to running through a shortcut ways, like climbing down an valleys, crossing the rivers, or crossing a fields to reaching the destination faster. Consequently Dian’s achievement easily surpassed by a runner with the speed far below her.

Unlike Dian, Doni not just rely on jobs information that are in the university information center or in any newspapers. Doni studying many companies profile to predicting whether the companies needs his expertise, then send the resume to them. There are many companies need Dian and Doni ability.

Like The factory of negative film which assume the fungus is a threat for their negative film roll, The paper manufacturers who confuse when the paper rolls break off caused of overgrown of fungus; The wheat flour producers who want to have a mold-free warehouse; The food factories who want the food free of bacteria and fungi; The museum of painting in Singapore who wants to protect the collection from fungal attack, even the petrochemical industry were keen to recruit Doni after gets a presentation on wastewater treatment using microbes which cheaper and faster than the conventional one.

Doni has ability to optimizing the application of his expertise, so he gets a positive responses from many companies. The skills to use the knowledge is the key. Just clever is not enough. Dian should have ability to expanding the knowledge and see the problems from various perspectives in order to succesfully applying the knowledge in the real world (undil - 2011)

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