A Thing which Makes Maruko Feel Safe in Her Job

There is one thing that makes Maruko feel save and comfortable in her job. The thing had nothing to do with her office nor related to her job. However, the thing had associated with a friend’s decision.

Her old friend named Mitsunari related to it. He is one of Maruko’s best friends during in college. Maruko inspired by Mitsunari who resign from his company for run a small business in Jogja.

The Mitsunari business is just a modest  business. He have a modest mung bean porridge stall set up not far from his house. Maruko surprised by  his  decision to let go of the position of manager of Quality Control of Microbiology in a notable food processing company in Jakarta for a modest stall.

"How dare the boy's" thought Maruko.

However, after Maruko visiting the Mitsunari’s stall, she became aware that the Mitsunari’s decision was not a ridiculous choice. It appears that Mitsunary just suffer a little loss for his decision.

Only nine months after becoming a stall owner, his finance conditions  almost recovered as the previous one. Although his income was just three-quarters of the salary while working in Jakarta, he gets compensation in the form of freely work hours without depending on the office hours. Today he had enough time to work for his hobbies, ie build a beautiful orchid garden behind his house, and teaching karate for youth clubs.

Maruko realizes that the life of Mitsunari is just fine. He  was not forced to  make drastic changes on his lifestyle. He still riding his Toyota Yaris everywhere nor buying some sophisticated gadgets as usual.

Since Maruko be confident that she has capability to do as Mitsunari’s do, then she considers herself should not have to worry about her job. If one day she leaves the company for any reasons, then a mung bean porridge stall is her first choice. Refers to her experiences during in college, her skills are not be much different from Mitsunari.

In terms of skill on cooking nor selling, Maruko believes that she was not  inferior to Misunari. It has been demonstrated during their activities on campus. Bazaars or exhibitions which handled by Maruko usually more successful compared to Mitsunari. The other proof is kolak pisang which sold by Maruko on Boulevard of UGM during  the fasting month also more in demand than the one that sold by Mitsunari and his friends. The number of population of Bandung which is far above Jogja where Mitsunari run his business will be an an additional factor that support her business.

Thanks to Mitsunari who have demonstrated a backup job for her. Maruko was no longer afraid about the future of her job. She realize that the consequences of leaving the job was not scary as she thought.

Previously, Maruko frequently feel worried while the company's condition worsened. The decrease in sales or the failure of a new product contantly makes Maruko feel nervous about her future. She was afraid those things will result in downsizing employees. Now the worry is starting to subside. However Maruko also realizes that her life in case of resign from the job may not be as smooth as the fate Mitsunari (undil -2010)

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