Small Change

Sometimes some small change with a value of five thousand rupiahs or below were labelled as a troublesome by reason of consume a big space in our pockets nor wallets. Moreover, when  we are a careless person who put them anywhere, we will experience the pile up of small change.

When our small change are neglected then we will have them everywhere. Some of them easy to find on the table, on top of the cabinet, inside the pocket of a jacket, inside the bag or piled in the drawer. Small change in a large number is a troublesome.  Once we want to use them to buy some expensive goods then we should bring around a  large quantities of banknotes.

However, occasionally we want to have some small change for specific purposes that are routinely. Such as paid for parking or ride public transportation  which we want to pay with exact fare. I have experienced with the later. Once I had a class at the University of Indonesia of Salemba, followed by a class at the UI building of Cikini. I usually ride a bajaj (a three-wheeler) to go Cikini. The fare of bajaj between seven to ten thousand rupiahs.

Since I want to pay with exact fare of seven thousand rupiahs, then I have to prepare a change of five thousand plus two change of a thousand whether one change of two thousand. Hence the change of five thousand and two thousand rupiahs is a very favorite change which very useful for me while studying  at the University of Indonesia on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Therefore all small change which I get while in Bandung from Sunday to Wednesday will be very useful later when I had a class in Jakarta.

Obviously with such conditions then a small change is necessity for me. The small change are no longer troublesome for me. My mobility from the Clinical Microbiology Department of Cikini to the Medical Faculty of Salemba, IHVCB (Institute of Human Virology and Cancer Biology) or the Eijkman (Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology), all located at Salemba is facilitated by the existence of small change which useful for bajaj's fare payment.

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