Llamas & Peru at Menteng Elementary School

A picture of a student from SDN 02 elementary school in Menteng, kisses goodbay Pillar Cayetano, Peruvian Spanish language teacher who will soon return home after a two-year stint at the school — published by The Jakarta Post, Dec. 09. The Peru embassy run cultural programs at the school since 1998. The program provides students a computer, television sets -- and Spanish language teacher until Friday.

One of the cultural programs is drawing competition. At the drawing competition, grade one to two were asked to draw Peru’s national flag; grade three a map; and free to draw anything -- as long as the theme was about the relations between Indonesia and Peru -- for grade four to six.

According to the paper -- depicting an Indonesian man with a goat meeting a Perruvian with a llama, Dian Pratiwi, a fourth grader student won a first prize drawing competition. A second prize won by Laila, a fourth grader student who drawing a llama standing in between a man in a poncho and Indonesian woman in traditional kebaya costume. Laila said that Peru is beautiful and llama is cute.

Llama is a long-eared South American camel family that stands 0.9 – 1.3 m high at the shoulder. In the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes Mountains – male llamas have been used as beast of burden but they are not ridden. A llama with 113 kg weight can carry a load of 45-60 kg for average 25 to 30 km travel a day, but llamas will lie down, refuse to move and often spitting at their driver when weary or overloaded (I remember the angry llama spitting at Captain Haddock’s face on Herge’s the Adventures of Tintin film, episode Prisoners of The Sun). Only female llamas raised for their flesh and also their milk. The males meat is tough and rarely eaten.

The drawing competition is very-effective way to make students interested in Peru. Since they know and then interested in Peru, students can learn about Peru from reading books and browsing the internet. A brilliant program that conduct by Peruvian embassy to exposing Peru to Indonesian students. These days everybody in the world can reach information from world wide web – the only thing we need to do is make them interested in something that we want to promoting.

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poncho: traditional cloth of Latin-American Indian

picture of poncho from www.chicoarts.com

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